Oh My Gosh How Lucky We Are...... 

It is with so much gratitude that we say thank you for all that has been given to Waihōanga over the last few years by friends, family and community.  It is beyond our capacity to thank you all individually and to itemise what has been given on all of the many levels that we have received.  Below is a list of wishes  (mainly physical) that we have already had fulfilled and a list that is still in the ether and open to being granted . If you are reading this page and get an urge that you would like to help us with our gatherings please contact us here at Waihōanga

Our Fulfilled Wish List So Far 

  • Push mower (thank you Rob & Birgit)
  • Architectural mapping (thank you)
  • Ride on Mower (thank you Richard)
  • Shovels & Spades (thank you Ross & Lynn)
  • Dinnerware for Lodge (thank you Catherine)
  • Pizza Oven (thank you permaculture group)
  • Harp (thank you Kay)
  • Meditation Mats (thank you Kay & Louise)
  • Business Support (thank you Neville)
  • Mats (thank you Birte)
  • Wooden carved signs (thank you WOOFERS)
  • Financial support (thank you, you know who you are)
  • Carved Om sign (thank you Francis)
  • Outdoor bath (thank you John)
  • Wooden Cabin (thank you Yoga for Daily Life)

Current Wishlist