What To Bring 

This little list may be helpful to for you as an organiser or as a guest to Waihoanga

What might be helpful to bring if you are organising the gathering/ retreat/ workshop at Waihoanga 

  • Chalk or liquid chalk pens (there are blackboards outside each room and in the kitchen. People often write the guest names on the boards outside the rooms)
  • Non permanent markers. There is a white board in the lounge area
  • Indoor and outdoor games and activities

As a guest you may wish to bring

  • Directions on how to get to lodge
  • Linen and duvets / towels if asked to bring your own
  • Torch - helps to navigate around outside at night
  • Gum boots if in the wet season
  • Raincoat if wet season
  • Jandels in the warm season
  • Swimming togs for the river
  • Slippers for inside. (The lodge is a shoe free zone) 
  • Yoga mat & cushion if using the yurt
  • Camera