Intention & Vision 


The intention for the Waihōanga Centre is to provide a rich and inclusive environment for deepening connection with ourselves, with others and with nature.  The Centre provides a platform for many offerings, different creations and a place for people to develop and share their passions.

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The Waihōanga Community 

The Waihōanga community consists of a group of individuals who have come together with the intention to share their joy, skills and commitment to support Waihōanga to grow and develop.  

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Guiding Principles 

When the Centre For Well-being was established over 2 years ago the existing community set up some guiding principles to help navigate setting up the centre.  These Are based around, Nourishing Ones Self, Nourishing Community, Being of Service, Spiritual Values & Environmental Responsibility.

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The Waihōanga Centre for Well-being is currently divided into two main conceptual & physical areas. The first level consists of the Community house and land which also includes the meditation space and the other area consists of the Lodge where all of the workshops and retreats are held.

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License To Dream 

We have spent years creating the idea of The Waihōanga Centre for Well-being within ourselves individually and then further as a community. We have come to the realisation that it is through firstly dreaming that the creation of an idea comes about. Below are some images of our dreams that we share with you to allow the process of creating to continue strongly here at Waihōanga..... And maybe also your ideas and visions may unfold with us too! 

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