Events & Opportunities


The Waihōanga Centre for Well-being is host to many fantastic, retreats, workshop, concerts etc, many of which are open to people who are interested to come and participate. Also there are often opportunities at Waihōanga such as WWOOFING, job vacancies & working Bee`s that might be of interest. 

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Past Events 

Waihōanga has a history of some fantastic events which people have come to from far corners to enjoy.  The history of the centre is a large part of what makes this centre a joy to come to , knowing that many people have come together to celebrate, learn, feast, meditate and expand. The air that surrounds the centre holds many tales and stories people and time and adds to the uniqueness of this special land.


You may just be passing through and would like the experience of WWOOFING AT Waihōanga. We open our doors to many travellers that have the inspiration and the energy to help us create our vision here and welcome you to contact us with your enquiry

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Wild Things 

The Wild Things Ropes Course at Waihōanga offers a fantastic, exhilarating opportunity to embrace your wild side and climb in and around our fantastic forest. Professional instructors guide you and your group to great heights where you get to expand your physical and mental abilities out of your everyday comfort zone.

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