Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss
the ground.




The gardens and land at Waihōanga are being created and worked on with the intention of offering a space of connection for all to experience.

We are hugely grateful to have many wonderful people so far give their time and energy to creating this.

From making compost to creating new gardens the aim is to be guided and inspired by living abundantly and in harmony with the natural world around us.

Waihoanga gardens

waihoanga gardens


Co-creating on the land at Waihoanga is an ongoing joy for us as we get to know just how things grow...

As we observe, play and work on the land here, we are constantly grateful for the abundance of nature, the gifts of the elements and all the beautiful helping hands that share a little bit of their magic with us.

The dream is for the centre to have a large productive vegetable garden and orchard that will feed both the community on site as well as providing organic nutrient-rich produce for our events at the lodge. The first seeds of this dream are sown, as vegetable beds pop up around the place and existing fruit trees receive some love next to new ones being planted. 


Maintenance & Creation on the Land

Theres always something to do....but equally there's always something to create! As we fix things up around the place, we are also creating beauty, spaces to enjoy and firebaths to soak in! When people come to work on the land here, we try and balance a need for maintaining whats here with creating something new. 

Work is about joy, and it is our aim to encourage people to follow theirs into where and what they feel moved by.

Our working bees happen intermittently and are a great way to feel connected to the centre and catch up with the ongoing growing the community and give a little bit of your love and care to the centre. These are times that big projects usually get done, as we find with a group of people, lots of laughter and amazing food, so much can be achieved.

To register your interest in a working bee or to explore other ways you may be able to help, please get in touch. 


waihoanga maintenance