"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. 
I awoke and saw that life was service. 
I acted and behold, service was joy". 
Rabindranath Tagore 

The intention for the Waihōanga Centre For Well-being is to provide a rich inclusive 
environment for deepening connection within ourselves, with others and with nature. The Centre is a platform for many offerings, different creations and a place for people to develop and share their passions. 


Expanding upon our intention, we aim to strengthen the spiritual essence that guides and nourishes all that we do here. For everyone that experiences Waihōanga, whether it be for a period of time living and working on the land or visiting for a short stay, the warm invitation is there, to be connected as part of its wider heart-based community. 

The short term vision is to keep developing and putting systems in place to see that everything runs smoothly including expanding the events that are on offer at the lodge and having more people living and working on site supporting the day to day running of the centre. This involves becoming clearer on roles, creating private spaces, having work exchange positions covered, and putting energy into developing the lodge as a successful and profitable income stream.

The long term (3-5 yrs) intention and vision is for the Waihōanga Centre for Well-being to operate as a Charitable Trust, owning and managing the land and structures with money made through income, donations & funding. The purpose of this idea is to move past private ownership and allow individuals, community groups and families the ability to be part of creating and supporting the centre and its land for generations to come.  

   As the Centre grows, we aim to provide a platform for all to offer an array of the following;

Health, Well-being & Spiritual Nourishment:

  • meditation                
  • yoga
  • mindfulness      
  • dance/ movement based exploration
  • celebration and creating rituals
  • women's and men's gatherings
  • cultural knowledge & wisdom
  • communication tools
  • building and serving communities 
  • deepening of self awareness/ wisdom/ insight
  • detox
  • stress reduction and healthy living skills
  • life coaching
  • professional development/ team building/ organisational retreats
  • nutrition, healthy eating and cooking
  • pilates and fitness
  • eco-adventure and wilderness experiences

 Specific Therapeutic Support: 

  • grief and transition
  • healing around addictions, depression and trauma
  • building health around illness
  • relationships and communication
  • building self esteem, confidence and resiliency
  • respite care
  • employment and enterprise skills
  • one on one and group counselling/ life coaching

  Supporting Children and Young People:

  •  personal development and leadership 
  • strength-based visioning and creating
  • nature experiences and environmental education 
  • respite care 
  • therapeutic programmes for youth at risk
  • camps & holiday programmes
  • student placements/ work experience
  • "hands on" learning about sustainability 
  • rites of passage
  • experience of building and living in community

 Supporting The Health of  Our Planet: 

  •  permaculture design certificate & workshops
  • 'hands on' courses about sustainability, organics, self-sufficiency and mindful living 
  • community resiliency & food security
  • indigenous knowledge and practices
  • wwoofing/ volunteering experiences in land based activities
  • deep ecology
  • biodynamics
  • CSA (community supported agriculture)  

  Nourishing Creativity:

        •  art
        • acting/ drama
        • singing/ music
        • drawing
        • weaving
        • building
        • writing
        • poetry
        • crafts
        • circus
        • dance
        • cooking