"We needed somewhere central for a dozen staff from all over the country to meeand plan together. Waihoanga was just right: only an hour or so from Wellington Airport; removed from distractions so we could focus; in a beautiful setting overlooking the Otaki Gorge; pleasantly informal with sofas and log-burners; plenty of delicious, locally grown food and fresh fruit; and run by two very welcoming and engaged hosts. We loved it."

Chris Todd, Forest and Bird, National Conservation Manager

"We were a new group meeting to establish ourselves and focus on our future. We have some big ideas and lots of energy, but how will we bring it together? When you're doing that kind of deep work, it's important to have a venue where you feel supported and nurtured. We needed a place where we would be held both by the space and by the hosts while we were doing our work. We found just that place in the Waihoanga Centre, the property is quiet and beautiful and we just loved working hard together inside and then moving outside for lunch. Those of us who stayed overnight just couldn't believe the stars! I highly recommend it!" 

Mary Alice Arthur, Facilitator/SOAR

"I have used The Waihōanga Centre now twice for drumming workshops and will again. The Centre is a great place for small conferences, working groups or team buildling sessions. Coming together in such an environment in the middle of nature, amongst trees and near the river, allows everyone to feel invigorated and open to trying new things." 
Mabeth Ciurans Hands on Drumming Ltd

"We used the The Waihōanga Centre for a two day conference and absolutely loved it - the total experience. The surroundings added so much to our event: green, open, bright. And the people, were very generous and gracious hosts. We felt so welcomed and look forward to returning."
Leanne Babcock Eckman

"Thank you for the use of your beautiful centre for our workshop. Your professional manner along with your personal touch made the weekend very relaxing. I would certainly consider your venue for the future." 
Drew Mackenize Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand

"We have used the Waihōanga Retreat centre a number of times now for both men's and women's personal growth workshops. It is a really beautiful and powerful spot, in the Otaki Gorge on the banks of the Otaki river. Private yet really accessible to Wellington and Otaki. We have especially enjoyed the indoor outdoor flow onto the grounds in the summer yet also the cosiness in the winter. Great value for money and we look forward to our next visit there." 
Mike McCombie Balanced Investments Limited

"The Waihōanga Centre was a fantastic venue for our team building event, everyone is looking forward to going back next year."
Niamh Lawless Corporate Services manager Barnardos NZ

"The Waihōanga Centre is a beautiful space for sitting back with nature whilst at the same time being on the edge of adventure with all that the Otaki Gorge holds."

Steve Porteous (Nature and Survival Teacher)