We would just like to share our gratitude with all our friends, family and  community for the ongoing love , time and spirit that you all continue to bring to Waihoanga. It is only with the help of many hands that this project has set sail and is becoming a unique centre which offers a fantastic platform to the wider community of Aotearoa New Zealand.

There is always so much to do as our vision is vast and is forever growing with the many ideas that come our way as more people become interested in what we do. We have achieved so much over the few years that we have been here and every aspect has had a  ot of input from many minds, and bodies. 

Our many accomplishments to date include;

  • Erecting a Yurt which now is utilised as our sacred space for yoga, meditation, dance etc.
  • `Doing up` the lodge so that it is welcoming to everyone who brings their special group here
  • Building a sleepout for staff accommodation
  • Clearing away overgrown vegetation
  • Landscaping the grounds and adding paths, signs etc
  • Putting in a disposal field which allows for more people to stay
  • And the list goes on

We would just like to say  thank you, thank you , thank you! to all who have helped and shared their love and time

Friends family community
Thank you, thank you
Thank you again