I don`t want learning,or dignity,or respectability, 
I want this music & this dawn & the warmth of your cheek against mine.


Hello, and welcome to "Waihōanga Grassroots Weddings", here we invite & inspire you to use this beautiful natural location within Aotearoa ~ New Zealand to gather your friends and family together to celebrate your magical union. Waihōanga provides more than just a beautiful location to be married in, it is a place where you can celebrate with loved ones your union over a few days, with many feasts, swims in the river, walks through the bush, dancing in the hall, and stories around the fire circle. It is a place that you can create rich memories that are joyfully reminisced over for years to come.

"It is a place where you remember deeply who you are 

and who you are wanting to be"

What Waihōanga Can Offer You.... 

  • A location that is uniquely NZ with rich bird song, clear streams and rivers, grass underneath your toes, warm stones as you run in for a river swim and a place to truly be your self.
  • A venue where you can use your own creative ideas to create a unique personal atmosphere
  • An affordable location that is sustainable on your funds
  • A fantastic wooden Lodge & cabins available for hire for a minimum of 2 nights, sleeping up to 34 people click here to see lodge information
  • Unique separate accommodation for the wedding couple
  • A great hall for dancing and celebrating
  • A yurt for intimate gatherings
  • Space for Marques and other structures to be erected for the big occasion (see below for ideas)
  •  Ample room for camping, motorhomes, glamping (see below)
  • There is a large kitchen available where you are able to self cater or be catered for
  • Delicious Catering offered by Waihōanga around the wedding day (for the wedding meal itself it is up to you to find your own caterer) 
  • Large amount of space for free parking
  • Creative support with flowers and unique wedding crafts (see Louise in the Garden below)

" Bless the food before us
The family beside us 
and the love between us" 

We understand how important the food is on your wedding day and over the weekend that you are spending with the ones you love.

Self Catering 

If you have already crafted your menu plan and are wanting to self cater there is a kitchen available in the lodge which provides for up to 36 people. 

Waihōanga Catering 

If however you would like catering The Waihōanga Food Creators offer delicious meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks (click here for more catering info). The only meal they currently do not cater for is the wedding day feast. 

Outside Caterers

For the wedding feast itself you will need to find an outside caterer to provide for this part of the weekend gathering. 


 Louise In The Garden

Louise lives onsite at Waihōanga and has a passion for working with people and helping them to create their ideas into reality especially when `mother-nature' is involved. She has a deep love of flowers and nature which she offers to you through the creation of unique flower arranging & wedding crafts all with an emphasis on creating a sustainable, grassroots, unique wedding.

 Flowers can add magic, colour and emphasise the mood you are wishing to create for your special weekend.  Louise offers an on-site-consultation to hear and work with your ideas and dreams about what flowers you are wanting and how you would like them arranged. She has past flower experience and can also offer suggestions if you are unclear as to what you are wanting.

Louise holds the intention of creating weddings that are sustainable and eco friendly which includes finding flowers that are locally sourced, seasonal, affordable and diverse

As well as flowers there are many fantastic natural ideas you can create for your wedding weekend which can infuse your guests with delight. Louise also provides consulting & collaboration upon a diversity of unique craft ideas & inspiration as well as collaboration if you are needing help with the actual making of the creations.

If you would like to hear more about what Louise can offer you please
Contact: Louise Barry
Phone: 02102321900
Email: lbarry@hotmail.co.nz


If you are looking for a marriage celebrant who reflects the heart of what we offer here at Waihōanga we have the honour of introducing to you Grace McGregor.
Grace has have spent the last 25 years journeying into her own heart through practising meditation and studying spiritual texts. She has raised two beautiful sons to adulthood and  believes passionately in the power of love and communication as a way of being whole within ourselves and connected to each other.
Married by Grace is a doorway to connecting the elements of your life together in a shared and meaningful way.

To make a booking to discuss what you are looking for in a celebrant please 
Contact: Gracie Mcgregor
Phone: +64275092662

Email:  kgraciemcgregor@gmail.com

Website: http://marriedbygrace.weebly.com 


Glamping can offer a solution to having large numbers to cater to. The Waihōanga lodge sleeps 34 people but if you are requiring further unique accommodation Taylor & Bell offer a fantastic glamping solution for your overflow of family and friends

"We believe the best weddings are a simple affair that exude beauty, romance and relaxation and with the demand for rustic, outdoor weddings, glamping is the perfect option.  Couples that are looking for more individualised weddings to represent who they are, can create a magical experience that will be remembered for years to come. Taylor & Bell Tents will help make your dream become a reality and do all the hard work so you don't have to."

To find out more information about hiring these unique tents please 
Contact: Taylor & Bell
Email: louise@taylorbelltents.co.nz 
Phone: 02102007111 
Website: www.taylorbelltents.co.nz



 Boomshine Innovation can offer the following for your wedding :

  • A 10m x 10m Canvas Marquee. The guy ropes and land anchors (we use 1.5m long windmill anchors to hold the main tension lines in the ground) extend up to 3m on each side, so a total area of 16m x 16m is required to set up. 
  • Complete audio solutions for live or recorded sound (bands, speeches, dj's)
  • Dancefloor lighting, spatial & area lighting, inc light sculptures, projectors, lanterns, interactive installations
  • Musicians, bands, or DJ's to suit any crowd, any vibe, any budget, from big-name NZ or international acts, to undiscovered street performers
  • Full catering with delicious, locally sourced, organic food. Can cater to any dietary requirements, we specialise in raw vegan menus
  • Full bar services, including personalised wine lists, custom cocktail menus designed by our globetrotting mixologist, we can even have our tame craft brewer create a beer, cider or fruit wine just for your event
  • Generator hire for any size event
To find out more information about hiring these unique tents please 
Louise Barry ph 02102321900

Stretch Tents Kapiti 

If you are wanting to hire a marquee &/or canopies to create extra meeting space for your  wedding gathering we have used Stretch tents out here at Waihōanga and they have worked well on our terrain.

To find out more information about hiring a stretch tent please Contact: Jason Young
Email: wellington@stretchtents.co.nz
Phone: 0800 462778 Mob: 021 680 848
Website: www.stretchtents.co.nz


Once the lodge booking has exceeded 40 people, including day guests and people camping, it is the group’s responsibility to order a portaloo to be situated in the camping area. For numbers over 80 people, a second portaloo is required. The cost for a portaloo is approximately $140 + GST per weekend.

To find out more information about hiring a stretch tent please 
Contact: Warren
Phone: 0800 5494566, 0275375156
Website: www.kiwiloo.co.nz